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Activities at Westfalen Hunting Safaris 

One of the great things about Westfalen Hunting Safaris is that we can offer so many different activities that can be enjoyed by hunters and their family members and guests of all ages. Everyone has their own idea of what kind of safari experience they want to enjoy from tagging along with the hunter on their safari to relaxing and reading to sun or shade bathing or bird watching, game viewing, nature walks, game drives, excursions and touring; we want you to make it your own.



We can take you on an sunrise or sunset game drive to see a wide variety of game and if we’re lucky we may encounter free roaming Elephants that migrate through the property. Namibia’s Elephants are known to be the largest in the world.


For the amateur photographer there are endless opportunities to take amazing pictures from around camp to game drives, nature walks or from a blind situated at a waterhole. You can also climb atop a koppie (rocky outcropping) that are found throughout the property to get some great shots of the views they offer.



One of the most unique activities that we offer is canoeing on the permanent lake in front of Elephant Camp. Everyone enjoys this fun and picturesque outing and it’s something that guests of all ages can participate in. Although the lake has water year round whether we can canoe or not depends upon the rainfall that year and the season.




You can familiarize yourself with our African landscape on a guided nature walk and for the more adventurous at heart you can take a more adventurous hike into some of our more challenging mountain terrain to avail yourself of the breathtaking panoramic view, truly worth the effort.


Westfalen Hunting Safaris is a true bird watching paradise with Namibia being home to over 350 species of birds. If you know you stuff you can easily see a hundred species while you are here an expert could identify even more…






Excursions & Tours in Namibia 

Many of our hunters and their guests like to take the opportunity while in Namibia to see more of our beautiful country.  We offer several half-day and one day excursions to more extensive tours of the country. We would be happy to arrange an itinerary and guide your customized tour, according to your interests and time availability.

Every detail will be planned and taken care of during your private excursions and tours. All travel will be made in a comfortable, reliable and air conditioned vehicle. Anything is possible, just ask! Rest assured, whatever the itinerary you choose we always accommodate our guests with quality, convenience and experience in mind. Although the sightseeing opportunities in Namibia are too numerous to list, you will find a brief description below of the most popular destinations.

Himba Village – Half Day Visit 

A local guide/translator will meet us at the Himba village which is located about 2 miles from our camp. You will be able to ask questions and learn about the nomadic Himba tribe, how they live and their culture. You will get lots of interesting photo opportunities as well. Everyone who visits finds this an unforgettable experience. We normally do this excursion in one afternoon, the visit actually lasts about two hours.






Cost US$ 40 per person (100% of the cost of this excursion goes to support the village school and orphanage)
We do not need to make prior arrangements or reservation for this excursion.
Note: prices subject to change due to the currency exchange rate or other factors beyond our control.

Rock Engravings Visit 

You can visit the nearby rock engravings which is about a thirty minute drive from the Elephant Camp and can be done during the hunting day. This is an interesting quick addition to your hunting safari that is on a neighboring property that visitors find fascinating.

Cost US$ 20 per person
We do not need to make prior arrangements/reservation for this excursion.
Note: prices subject to change due to the currency exchange rate or other factors beyond our control.

Etosha National Park Tour – One Day or One Day & Overnight 

A visit to Namibia would not be complete without taking some time to tour Etosha National Park. This our most popular tour destination for the single reason that it is one of the world’s greatest game reserves. We are near the Southern most gate which makes it possible to do this tour in one day or you can overnight in the park and spend a bit more time enjoying the sights and doing some night time game viewing as well.

For a one day visit we leave Elephant Camp early in the morning after breakfast, drive to the park which is about an hour and a half away, tour the park throughout the morning, stop and have lunch packs at a waterhole, continue touring the park all afternoon and return to Elephant Camp for dinner. A long day with lots of driving but so amazing and so much game to see you’ll feel like the time flew by.


A one day tour with an overnight in Etosha follows the same schedule as the one day tour with the addition of an overnight stay at one of the three camp lodges within the park. We will have a sit down dinner and breakfast the following morning at the restaurant within the camp. This tour is preferable for those who wish to experience the exceptional night game viewing. At the floodlit waterholes it is possible to see quite closely Elephant, Black and White Rhinoceros, Lion, Leopard, Hyena as well as rarely seen nocturnal species, certainly worth the overnight stay if you have the time. We need to make prior reservations to stay at a lodge inside the park and some times during the year they get fully booked so it is best to let us know early if you plan stay overnight so we can reserve your accommodations as soon as possible.


This huge sanctuary is home to over 100 mammal species including many rare and endangered animals and four of the big five (no buffalo). It is some 8,598 square miles (22.270 square kilometers) in extent with a network of 435 miles (700 km) of gravel roads. Yes it’s big and full of animals!


– Etosha National Park – One Day Tour
Cost US$ 810 per person (1 person)
Cost US$ 510 per person (2 people)
Cost US$ 410 per person (3 people)
Cost US$ 360 per person (4 to 6 people)
– Government tax of 15%
– Park entrance fees
– Service of a guide/driver
– Lunch
– Any alcohol
– Personal expenses
We do not need to make prior arrangements for this excursion. Maximum of six people per vehicle.
Note: prices subject to change due to the currency exchange rate or other factors beyond our control.

– Etosha National Park – One Day & Overnight
Cost US$ 1110 per person (1 person)
Cost US$ 735 per person (2 people)
Cost US$ 610 per person (3 people)
Cost US$ 545 per person (4 to 6 people)
– Government tax of 15%
– Park entrance fees
– Service of a guide/driver
– Accommodations and meals
– Any alcohol
– Personal expenses
We need to make prior arrangements/reservation for this excursion. Maximum of six people per vehicle.
Note: prices subject to change due to the currency exchange rate or other factors beyond our control. Any cancelation fee will be the client’s responsibility.

Swakopmund Tour – “Three Day Loop” 

At the end of your safari is the perfect time to unwind from all of the activity that hunting requires and take some time to see more of Namibia. Many hunters add a couple of days of touring before heading back home, we offer what we call the “Three Day Loop”. The “Loop” consists of a trip to Swakopmund, a quaint German colonial seaside town and Namibia’s premier holiday resort, set in the middle of the Namib Desert. Not only will you be enchanted by its historic European charm, palm lined streets, shopping and seaside promenades but delighted by the many diverse points of interest to be explored within the immediately surroundings and the variety of activities available to people of all ages. Using Swakopmund as our base we will tour the area for a couple of days before returning you to Windhoek Airport (Hosea Kutako International Airport).

We will depart early in the morning from Elephant Camp and drive 430 miles to Swakopmund via Cape Cross which is a notable historical landmark located amid a massive Cape Fur Seal breeding colony. You can stand amongst a hundred thousand seals during the peak season, the scent is unpleasant but the sight is breathtaking. Namibia has a higher population of seals than it does of people, well over two million seals can be found all along the shores of Namibia. Predators such as Lions, Hyenas and Jackals feed upon them on land as do the plentiful sharks in the waters off of the coast. From there we will pass through Hentiesbaai a popular fishing spot for locals and then on to Swakopmund.



Namibia’s coastline is known as Skeleton Coast due to the numerous shipwrecks that have occurred in the treacherous waters there and the thousands of men who have been claimed by the sea. The Bushmen called the region “The Land God Made in Anger”, while Portuguese sailors referred to it as “The Gates of Hell”.


You’ll have time to settle in at the hotel and freshen up and maybe even take a stroll along the promenade and jetty before heading out to dinner at a restaurant many consider the best in town, The Tug. Right next to the crashing waves The Tug offers great views of the turbulent Atlantic and specializes in freshly caught seafood, including the Namibian crayfish, which is also known as rock lobster (when in season) and locally grown oysters as well as many other excellent non-seafood options. They also have a pretty interesting list of South African wines available to enjoy.


The following day will be spent exploring the nearby city of Walvisbaai. Seeing “where the desert meets the sea” we’ll visit Dune 7, the largest of the massive and dramatic hot orange-red sand dunes that connect to the icy blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day when the sun is shining the brightly contrasting colors of the landscape will knock your socks off. You won’t want to forget your camera today! Then we’ll visit Sandwich Harbor a wetland bird sanctuary and home to as many as 200,000 birds, mostly Flamingoes as well as some Pelicans and Sand Pipers. We will take you by land but Sandwich Harbor can also be seen by boat or kayak (guided) by booking with an outside tour company which we can arrange for you if you would like at an additional charge. By boat you will see the oyster farms, seals, dolphins and rarely you may even encounter whales.


We’ll stop at a picturesque point for a pack lunch. Next on to Salt Works where vast salt pans have been created and tons of salt is harvested everyday. After that we’ll return to Swakopmund to visit the small but very interesting Cristal Gallery, a museum filled with awesome giant crystal specimens, the likes of which you have probably never seen, and beautiful precious gemstones all mined in the country. Namibia is famous for its mineral wealth, astounding variety of colored gemstones and diamonds as well. If your not too tired at that point you may have time to spend shopping and discovering more of this charming beach town. The night will be capped off with dinner at 22 Degrees South a cosy restaurant located at the lighthouse built in 1902 that is still working today. The restaurant offers authentic Italian cuisine inside a great historical landmark.



There is so much to see and do in and around Swakopmund that a day can easily be added to the “Three Day Loop” program. Some more leisurely time may be spent exploring the quaint town of Swakopmund itself. You can do a bit of shopping, check out the art galleries, cafes, take a seaside promenade on the beach and jetty, visit the local museums, snake park or aquarium. And while there’s plenty to do within city limits, the real action is happening on the ocean and in the desert surrounding Swakopmund. There is shark and deep sea fishing, shore angling and boat tours as well as desert tours, sight seeing flights, hot air ballooning, camel riding, sand dune carting, quad-biking, sand-boarding, sand-skiing, parasailing, parachuting and several other adrenaline inducing guided activities that are available to do at an additional charge with outside tour companies, which we can help you to arrange.




The last day we will take you back to the Airport in Windhoek. If you want to spend more time in Windhoek an additional day and overnight can be added to your program.

Cost US$ 1,820 per person (1 person)
Cost US$ 1,325 per person (2 people) – Cost US$ 1,125 per person (2 people sharing a room)
Cost US$ 1,155 per person (3 people)
Cost US$ 1,070 per person (4 to 6 people) – Cost US$ 870 per person (4 people sharing two rooms)
– Government tax of 15%
– Service of a guide/driver
– Accommodations
– Meals (unless mentioned as not included in price)
– Activities (unless mentioned as included in price)
– Any alcohol
– Personal expenses
We need to make prior arrangements/reservation for this excursion. Maximum of six people per vehicle.
Note: prices subject to change due to the currency exchange rate or other factors beyond our control. Any cancelation fee will be the client’s responsibility.

Windhoek Visit – One Day & Overnight 

Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia, is the perfect place to finish your safari adventure for some souvenir or luxury goods shopping. It is possible to experience the city in one day with an overnight stay for a more relaxed pace and to enjoy all that Windhoek has to offer, instead of trying to cram in some shopping on the day of your flight.

We’ll depart early and arrive in Windhoek by late morning, just enough time to check into the quaint and friendly bed and breakfast and drop off your luggage. We’ll head to the center of town for a light cafe lunch after which you will have ample time to do whatever you would like to do, whether it be shopping or sight seeing. Dinner will be at the well known watering hole and eatery for hunters at the end of their journey, Joe’s Beer House. Where the only thing larger than the beers is the size of their steaks! The next day we will take you back to the Airport on time for your flight. Depending upon when you are departing we may have a simple lunch in town.

Windhoek is located at the geographic center of the country surrounded by rolling hills and home to approximately two hundred thousand people. It is an extremely small capital city by most standards however it is also extremely clean and safe by comparison as well.

The centre of Windhoek is characterised by German style buildings, a lasting reminder of Namibia’s early colonial history. The center of town has a European cafe culture vibe; laid-back and eclectic. There are lots of people sitting at the many outdoor cafes and restaurants, which serve traditional German food for the most part, especially beer from the local brewery, which is made respecting high German standards.

On Independence Avenue there are several shops offering typical souvenir fare to luxury goods at prices unavailable in the U.S. and Europe for items like elegant ostrich, crocodile or python skin accessories. There are shops with high quality leather and fur goods from every conceivable kind of animal for every purpose from outerwear to home furnishings. There are a few fine jewelry boutiques featuring many rare and colorful gemstones that are native to Namibia, especially tourmalines and diamonds. Post Street Mall is a pedestrian only shopping “street” that shoots off from Independence Avenue, the main road through the city center. Post Street Mall is filled with bustling shops and street market vendors with stalls filled with curios and souvenirs of every imaginable variety.


Away from the cafes and shopping within the center of town, guided tours are available of many of Windhoek’s main sites of interest. There are several early buildings such as the Alte Feste (Old Fort) which is now Namibia’s National Museaum, in front of which stands the iconic Reiterdenkmal (equestrian memorial), as well as Christuskirche (Christ Church) the Lutheran parish from 1896 and Tintenpalast (the parliament buildings) which are of particular historical importance. Drive through Katutura, the suburb built on South Africa’s apartheid policy in the 1950’s which is now a crowded mix of people from different cultures living together in relative harmony.


Cost US$ 660 per person (1 person)
Cost US$ 585 per person (2 people) – Cost US$ 560 per person (2 people sharing a room)
Cost US$ 560 per person (3 people)
Cost US$ 550 per person (4 to 6 people) – Cost US$ 450 per person (4 people sharing two rooms)
– Government tax of 15%
– Service of a guide/driver
– Accommodations
– Meals (unless mentioned as not included in price)
– Activities (unless mentioned as included in price)
– Any alcohol
– Personal expenses
We need to make prior arrangements/reservation for this excursion. Maximum of six people per vehicle.
Note: prices subject to change due to the currency exchange rate or other factors beyond our control. Any cancelation fee will be the client’s responsibility.