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Hunting Namibia at Westfalen Hunting Safaris 

Namibia’s Finest Free Range Hunting

Westfalen Hunting Safaris offers Namibia’s best free range hunting experience! In 2015 we are celebrating our 20th anniversary as an established hunting outfit with an impeccable reputation conducting old school walk and stalk fair chase ethical hunts.

Greater Kudu


Red Hartebeest

Our malaria free private property is 37,000 acres (15,000 hectares) and is situated in North Western Namibia and part of the Loxodonta Africana Conservancy which covers over 650,000 acres (263,000 hectares) and is comprised of fifty-one privately owned properties including ours. We hunt on our property, have exclusive hunting rights on several others and access to hunting on the entire conservancy.


We offer an outstanding opportunity to hunt the magnificent and tough black and tan Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra in its’ natural environment; an experience that will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your hunting safari.

Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra

Our hunting area is teaming with indigenous unrestricted excellent trophy quality game such as Greater Kudu, Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest, Warthog, Klipspringer, the diminutive Damara Dik-Dik, Leopard and Cheetah. Click here to see our complete list of 24 free range species available, we can also take you to hunt in an exceptional hunting property for species that can only be found in game fenced areas if you would like.


Damara Dik-Dik

Not only are we the only area in the world where you can hunt this diverse combination of truly wild trophy animals but we have one of the rare properties in hunting Namibia where you can encounter free roaming Elephants, which provides wonderful photographic opportunities. We are not just playing with words when we say free range hunting, we are really passionate about keeping Africa’s wildlife wild.

Free roaming Elephants

Greater Kudu

Although our family-owned property is one of the largest in Namibia to offer free range hunting we choose to keep our outfit small and personal to ensure the highest standard possible for hunting trophy quality and hospitable service. Westfalen Camp, where our guests are accommodated, is an intimate and beautiful modern hunting lodge set upon a hilltop with sweeping views of the surrounding picturesque landscape. We have tried to strike the perfect balance between being as close to nature as possible with all of the creature comforts that make life easier.

We have two well appointed bungalows that sleep two people each. Our solar powered private bungalows are modern, clean and very comfortable with hot showers and en suite bathrooms. Each bungalow has it’s own terrace to enjoy the views and their own plunge pools. Most meals are cooked outdoors over coals or on an open fire. We make fresh bread daily and as much as possible comes from our garden and is made from scratch and we always offer variety to appeal to different tastes. We spend the evenings under the stars around the fire pit and eat under our picturesque and comfortable open dining room. Our camp is lit with candles in the evenings which beckons us back to times gone by and a peacefulness prevails. We want you to really leave the world behind and be able in immerse yourselves in the wondrous and magical experience of being in Africa.

Westfalen Hunting Safaris is a very special place that offers several unique experiences that make us different than many other places in Namibia. Of course being a real free range hunting outfit with so many unusual indigenous trophy species sets us apart for the hunter but we also have many things to do and see outside of hunting for those who want to have a broader safari experience or want to make sure there is plenty to do for their non hunting family members and guests. Relaxation happens all on its’ own when you are here but we can also offer lots of activities to keep non hunters busy if they prefer, we can take guided nature walks and drives, the bird watching opportunities are amazing and we have ancient rock engravings nearby.

Family of Giraffes

Herd of Gemsbok

One of the most special things at Westfalen is the breathtaking scenery it offers, the property boasts a beautiful permanent lake that attracts game including Elephant to its’ banks to drink and enjoy bathing in the waters with a backdrop of natural rocky outcroppings called koppies.



Of course everyone can enjoy game viewing throughout the day and especially while relaxing during sundowners at Westfalen Camp after a long day of hunting. There is also a Himba village right next to our property that is a very interesting cultural experience (we have a local interpreter) which just takes a couple of hours and is very worthwhile. Also a daylong tour of Etosha can easily be done as we are in such close proximity, but some choose to make a couple of days out of it as there is so much to see (click here to see more about day trips and tours that can be done in Namibia).


We encourage and often accommodate wives and families as our intimate camp and family outfit are well suited for such groups. It is a great place to get away from the business of everyday lives and to reconnect with family and build memories while sharing such a awesome experience together.


In general Namibia is a pleasant, easy and clean country. We are one of the safest and politically stable countries in Africa, with good roads, health care and infrastructure. Namibia has a wonderful climate for the most part depending upon your personal tolerances. Most importantly it is a very hunter friendly country that is conservation oriented and has been an example of how things should be done compared to most African countries. Airport customs offer hassle free easy in and out for your rifles and bow hunting equipment.


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