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Reference List 

Westfalen Hunting Safaris is proud of the generous testimonials from our previous hunting clients and their families. Please spend a moment to read through some of the kind words that have been shared with us about the experiences of our guests. We encourage you  to also take time to contact some of our clients as well so that they can share their first person opinions with you. There is no better way for you to feel confident about our outfit than to reach out to those who have hunted with us. To ensure the privacy of our guests, our reference list is not posted here to protect them from harassment by anti-hunters but we will gladly provide it to you upon request by simply emailing us at


Gonzalo R. V. & Gonzalo R. Jr.

“We spent an extraordinary week with you, thank you very much your attention and hope to return again someday!”
Gonzalo R. V.

“Thank you so much for making our first African hunt the best ever!”
Gonzalo R. Jr., Mexico


George M.

George M.


“In anticipation of our time at Westfalen we often discussed what it would be like. My father, Bill, has visited Africa numerous times but, primarily hunted in South Africa. In wanting to visit another country to experience a different demographic of the country he loves so much, he decided on Namibia. Thus, we began our search for the perfect outfitter for the trip.

It wasn’t long before we stumbled upon Westfalen Safaris. We were quick to realize that Westfalen had everything we were looking for and was going to meet our needs in terms of Free Range Hunting/observer package, accommodations/meals, transfers to and from the airport, and access to other activities/tours outside of the ranch.

We were not disappointed with our time at Westfalen. We arrived exhausted after two days of travel and were greeted with a beautiful display of candlelit torches and smiles from the host family. Our time with the family, over the course of the week of hunting, shifted from strangers to family and we could not be happier. We bonded over missed game, silly stories of our hunting antics, and a shared love of the outdoors.

I could give a wonderful day by day account of how well we were treated and the amazing countryside in which we spent long 8-12 hour days hunting; yet, all you need to know is, Westfalen did not disappoint. Instead, they exceeded our expectations in all areas. Amazing things can and do happen at Westfalen. We enjoyed our stay immensely and dream of our return.”
Bill P. & Shannon P., USA


“Our experience was fantastic, quality hunt, loved the challenge of spot and stalk free range mountainous Namibia, archery blinds and opportunity were excellent. Patient PH with our two young children. Responsible, ethical and educational. I couldn’t have created a better dinner menu in my own mind!! I love to cook and wild game is our favorite so we were amazed at the quality of the cuisine!! Zebra, oryx, kudu, springbok, warthog. Wow what a family show. You will be recommended, be sure of that.”
Fred G. & Family, USA


“This is my second trip to Namibia. It has been a great trip, I will tell everybody about it and will be back. I have shot several plains game animals and even got to watch locals butcher an Elephant, what a treat!”
Robert S., USA


“Back again for hunting and sightseeing. Record book Oryx taken. Fabulous host, accommodation and food. Second time here and likely will be back.”
David M., New Zealand


“This has been a wonderful family trip, exceptional staff, lodging and food. Hunting with my grandsons will always been remembered. The place was beautiful, the hunting exciting and you guys were awesome. Being here felt like visiting family.”
Jonti & Brenda A., USA


“Thanks so much for taking care of our whole family, the rooms, meals, and the friendship, above and beyond our expectations. Whether hunting, teenage boys, men or touring non-hunters, everything was superior. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
Chad & Diana A., USA


“We had a wonderful stay at Westfalen and enjoyed every minute of our hunt vacation here. Walt got his “hunting fix” to hold him over until the next time. We love all the deserts and enjoyed your beautiful lodge. We hope to be back soon.”
Walter & Anna P., USA


“15 years ago, all started with our first trip to Westfalen. No matter which camp you had, Elephant Camp, Westfalen Camp or Nom Lodge, we always feel at home. I see many of the same staff, a testament of your dedication as employer, and we see you best as part of our family. God bless your family, your heritage, your land and our lasting friendship.”
George & Becky B., USA


“This was my first African safari, a wonderful experience. Cannot wait to bring the family next year. I had an amazing time with you guys.”
Dustin D., USA


“Thank you John [Pappa] and Juliana [mamma] and Hain for such a wonderful time and hospitality as well as an experience none can match.”
Paul Y., USA


“This was an excellent hunt and my greatest experience in seeing all the animals and being able to shoot everything, from 300 yard shot on Jackal to scaring Baboons. I spend 2 years dreaming about it. We will keep your family and country in our prayers and couldn’t be happier about the hunt.”
Hal W., USA


“Thank you for a great trip, from the Baboon and Hyrax specialist / terminator. – will see you soon again, keep well.”
Todd N., USA


“Please tell everybody about this magical place!”
Morgan M., USA


“Westfalen, thank you for a wonderful stay and hunt. Each day brought a new memory that will be with me forever.”
Jim S., USA


“We had great time in Westfalen and we liked everything very much. If you want to stay at a remote area and dedicate all your time to hunting, it is a perfect place to go.”
Iurii & Lydia N., Russia


“This was my fourth trip to Namibia, Westfalen is without doubt the most beautiful farm.”
Gerd K., Switzerland


“Thank you for all your skillfull effort you put into the hunting, I have some great trophies.”
Andrew T., United Kingdom


“Thank you for the personal care of our family in a strange land, Namibia exceeded my dreams.”
Fred G., USA


“Fantastic and amazing experience, you arrive as a guest and leave as family.”
William P., USA


“Food was to die for, Yall all made me feel like we were family.”
Chris P., USA


“This experience exceeded every dream and expectation I had entering my first African Safari.”
John Mark P., USA


“Truly magnificent trip, thank you for making this a special trip.”
Richard R., USA


“Great host, accommodation and food, so good, we will be back next year.”
David M., New Zealand


“Returning after my first visit 8 years ago, different camp, splendid hosts and excellent hunting.”
Wayne R., New Zealand


“Amazing experience, wonderful adventure I will cherish for a lifetime.”
Alex N., USA


“Thank you for a wonderful time, we will never forget.”
Jim C., USA


“We had great time in Westfalen and we liked everything very much. If you want to stay at a remote area and dedicate all your time to hunting, it is a perfect place to go. We enjoyed every moment spend here and came to know and love Namibia.”
Iurii & Lydia N., Russia


“I really enjoyed my time at Westfalen and if the stars align, hope to return. Till then all the best,”
Rick C., Canada


“I had a great hunt. John and I got along good. I got both the mountain zebra and a red hartebeest. The hunt was perfect. It could not have been better.”
Michael R., USA


“5 Star Outfit and thank you for an excellent Leopard.”
Bill H., USA


“Best out of 10 trips to Africa – thank you for a memorable trip.”
Jamie W., Australia


“Thank you both so much for your outstanding hospitality and great hunt.”
Bruce M., USA


“What an incredible first African experience.”
Trey S., USA


“We could not ask for more fun, fellowship, hospitality and first class hunting.”
Jeremy C., USA


“Thank you for an incredible experience, I will never forget our time here.”
Candice C., USA


“PH was incredible, food was excellent, hope to return.”
Chris H., USA


“The hunting, friendship and hospitality was more than I could ever imagine.”
Dan m., USA


“A slice of Paradise.”
Tony M., USA


“A beautiful country, excellent hunting and an awesome time.”
Neal H., Canada


“For me as returning client, as always, fantastic.”
Drew M., Canada


“Everyone is friendly and the Country is beautiful, I would love to return.”
Bruce R., Canada


“Simply fantastic, diversity is just amazing.”
Brain H., Canada


“There can be any number of ways to measure a safari, the one at Westfalen exceeds them all.”
Miles G., USA


“The food was 5 star, accommodation comfortable, the hunting superb.”
Stephen D., USA


“John and Juliana make you feel at home. Would recommend this to anyone.”
Robert S., USA


“And the crowning jewel was the Eland. Outstanding hunting.”
Rick C., Canada


“We arrive in Namibia as hunters, we leave as friends. I am already planning the next trip.”
Jose A. H. P., Mexico


“Words alone cannot express what a wonderful 8 days we spent with you and Juliana.”
Michael M., USA


“I really enjoyed this hunt, you both made this one of my best hunts.”
Michael R., USA


“My best safari and best PH of 12 trips to Africa, superb stalking and on enduring hunting ethic.”
Bill W., USA


“I love the country and people I have met. The high light for me was the great Damara Dik Dik.”
Philip G., USA


“Excellent hunting, food and friends, I shot a big Leopard male, hunting and PH very good.”
Pekka S., Finland


“9 Trophies, 9 Days and a 60 inch Kudu Bull, words fall short of the amazing time and hunting.”
Chad A. D., USA


Gauti J.

Gauti J.

“A big thank you to all the crew at Elephant Camp, YOU DID IT AGAIN! Looking forward to coming back again!”
Gauti, Dadi & Sumarlidi J., Iceland


Drew M.

Drew M.

“Excellent active hunting, great learning experience, great food and company. This was my first trip to Namibia and it exceeded my expectations. Hunting here is what hunting in Africa should be.”
Drew M., Canada


Rene C.

Rene C.

“Thank you for the hospitality and a GREAT HUNT!”
Rene C., USA


R. Vaughn G.

R. Vaughn G.

“We have enjoyed a wonderful safari. The hosts, John and Juliana are some of the best that we have experienced in 13 African Safaris. John is a very knowledgeable PH, Juliana is a very charming host with master cooking skills. We have been made to feel like family. The staff have all been professional and have looked after all of our needs in a timely fashion. The quality of the game at Westfalen has been superb. We hope to return to such a wonderful place.”
R. Vaughn & Karol G., USA


Stan T.

Stan T.

“My hunt with Gideon Cloete for Leopard at Westfalen was my 6th trip to Africa. It was the best hunt I have experienced. I was able to get the Leopard every hunter dreams of. But also I learned a great deal not only about leopard hunting but hunting and tracking in general. I have never seen a PH that could out track his trackers. Gideon explained what we were doing and why. That helped me to realize that although I thought I knew a great deal about hunting I really just needed to let him do his job. It worked out very well. Along with the leopard I was able to get several other animals all very nice. The camps were as nice as any I have ever seen and I was never wanting more of anything. I will be going back to hunt with Gideon in 2017 along with my brother. I would recommend hunting with Gideon to even the most seasoned hunters. I am happy to answer any and all questions.”
Stan T., USA


Koby O.

Koby O.

“Thank you both so much for such an amazing time in Africa! It was a perfect first visit and we already cannot wait to come back. The hunting, food and company were more than we could have ask for and we are so grateful to have met such a great family. Again, thank you so much for showing us an amazing time and we will see you both soon.”
Koby & Tailor O., USA


Alberto P.z & Gustavo P.

“Lots of grace for this fantastic experience. Every moment will be fondly remembered, will be back in the near future. Greetings and wishing to continue with the same charisma and passion.”
Alberto P., Venezuela

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. The best hunting trip ever!”
Gustavo P., USA


Wayne C.

“Perfect experience for a father and daughter. Hope to be back.”
Wayne C., USA


Sarah C.

“Good food, great people, wonderful trip. Thank you.”
Sarah C., USA


Phil M.

Phil M.

“Overall Experience: 10. As we discussed, you did a great job. I really cannot think of anything that you could have done better….except perhaps, if John had brought out his helicopter to spot the game. Well done!”
Phil M., USA


Jeremy C.

“An experience we will never forget. Thank you for making us feel like part of your family.”
Jeremy C., USA


Cathy C.

“An experience we will never forget. Thank you for making us feel like part of your family.”
Cathy C., USA


Gary C.

“Thank you for making our dream safari absolutely wonderful.”
Gary & Sandee C., USA


Gary S. & Ainsley G.

“Ainsley and I had a trip beyond our expectations and a big part of it was because of the attention and care shown. She will have life long memories of her first safari.”
Gary S. & Ainsley G., USA


Chris & Alex R.

“The things you didn’t expect to happen are what make a trip so special. Thank you for making our father & son safari so very special.”
Chris & Alex R., USA


Scott & Lauren M.

“Thank you for a wonderful hunt and comraderie! I am excited to hang my oryx and very happy it is bigger than my husband’s.”
Scott & Lauren M., USA


Dadi J.

“Dear friends , John and Julia, I arrived here with my brother eagerly. Everything was better than I could ask for. I will be back. Heartfelt thanks for everything,”
Dadi J., Iceland


Gauti J.

“Best thanks for the warm reception and friendly stay. Like my brother, I will be back and looking forward to it. In God’s peace,”
Gauti J., Iceland


Greg T.

“This is real hunting and I hope to return!”
Greg T., USA